Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru Special Club 2013 champagne

Special Club 2014

Champagne Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru Vintage

  • Grape variety : 100% Chardonnay
  • Assembly : The best juices from the 2014 harvest have been selected for this Special Club.
  • Tasting moment : Meal
  • Dosage : 3.0 g/l

Tasting notes by Philippe Jamesse, Sommelier

The initial aromas prove to be substantial, honeyed, densely dominated by very ripe white and blond fruit. A subtle saline smoky character adroitly joins this rich assembly whilst more earthy and dry nuances forcefully appear with character.

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Grand Bouquet 2015

This wine is produced thanks to meticulous selection of grapes from the best plots on the Chouilly vineyards.

Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru Grand Bouquet 2014 champagne

Cuvée Camille

A perfectly harmonious union between Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. An original cuvée which will be an ideal partner for your home-grown aperitifs.

Non-vintage Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru camille champagne

Demi Sec

This cuvée is a delicate expression of Chardonnay thanks to the gentleness and generosity of the fruit.

Non-Vintage Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru medium-dry champagne

Technical characteristics

Golden yellow colour. A delectable nose with honey, ripe fruit and dry fruit aromas.

On the palate, this wine reveals great intensity alluding to pastry and dried fruit aromas.

Forest mushroom risotto / Oriental tabbouleh / Tome de Montagne cheese


This cuvée is stoppered with a cork on bottling, providing it with greater complexity.