Non-vintage Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru camille champagne

Cuvée Camille

Champagne Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru Non Vintage

  • Grape variety : 50% Chardonnay - 50% Pinot Noir
  • Assembly : Mostly produced in 2019, this cuvée combines the two grape varieties Chardonnay and Pinot Noir for a harmonious and fruity blend.
  • Tasting moment : Aperitif, meal
  • Dosage : 3.5 g/l

Tasting notes by Philippe Jamesse, Sommelier

Splendid, juicy olfaction, evoking white to blond fruits, fresh grapes and Corinth, the pear is beautifully poached, as are quince, mirabelle plum and the slight tropical angle suggested. A few touches of ginger enhance the maritime subject: smoked fish, dried bonito and seaweed mix. The apple is perceived under preparations of pie and compote, vanilla and sweet oriental spices form a subtle, bright and generous mix. Syrupy feelings lead to the registers of confectionery: caramelised almonds, marshmallow and a hint of candied lemon on the backbone. The evolution and the patience carry its effects towards the grey stone and the heat of a warm wood.

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Technical characteristics

Pale gold.

On the palate, it is enticing with a clean and pure fruity imprint, the axis is remarkably constructed, it conveys a very refined flinty sapidity. The white stone fruits are rich and pulpy and one can easily feel the freshness of the skin and the natural juiciness of a white plum. A warmth asserts itself and a certain power is revealed with lots of flesh, muscle and resistance. Through the purity of a violet candy, the finish appears enlightening, dense, unctuous and fat, one thinks of a great wine, a structured recipe.

Thai caramelised pork

Tagine of tuna marinated with olives

Lemon chicken, oriental spices

Spaghetti with smoked salmon.

Vinification :

Partial malolactic fermentation
Temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats