The Terroir of Vazart-Coquart

A translation of the definition from French dictionary Le Petit Larousse: - All the land farmed by the inhabitants of a village. - All the lands in a region, considered from the viewpoint of their agricultural suitability, providing one or more characteristic products, such as a wine, for example. - A province or area of countryside considered to be home to habits and tastes that are typically rural or regional.


Everything starts in Chouilly, classified Grand Cru de la Côte des Blancs!

A great terroir

What is a terroir? Is it the soil, the sub-soil, the climate, the exposure to the sun? It is definitely all of the above at once, but one essential element must not be forgotten: the winemaker.
Indeed, through our growing methods, we influence the quality of our harvests. We are an integral part of the terroir.

Grand Cru in Champagne

Grand Cru, means that Chouilly is among the 17 best classified villages (out of more than 300 in the Champagne region). We are fortunate enough to cultivate 30 plots on this unique terroir, located to the north of the Côte des Blancs, the kingdom of the Chardonnay grape variety.

Terroirs within a single great terroir

Even if all our plots are located in Chouilly, they each possess their own distinctive features. They enable us to obtain amazing diversity. This is the key to our future blends. There is also the crop methods we choose to use, the latest of which is to switch to organic viticulture.