Vazart Coquart Rosé champagnes

Rosé champagnes combine fruitiness and colour, to the utmost delight of wine lovers.

Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru Brut Rosé champagne


Champagne Vazart-Coquart Chouilly Grand Cru Non Vintage

  • Grape variety : 95% Chardonnay - 5% Pinot Noir
  • Assembly : We vinify a part of our Pinot Noir in red wine, which allows us, after blending with our Chardonnay, to obtain this Champagne Rosé.
  • Tasting moment : Aperitif, meal and dessert
  • Dosage : 3.5 g/l

We blend our red Pinot Noir with our Chardonnay to make this festive wine. Its charming red fruit freshness and tangy finish make this Rosé a champagne to drink on any occasion.