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The House Vazart-Coquart

Perpetuate the legacy

JPV_16  Jean-Pierre VAZART has been representing the 3rd generation of winemaker since 1995. Thus, he maintains the brand which was created by his grandparents, Louis and Marie VAZART-COQUART, and his father, Jacques VAZART who developped the brand.


The House Vazart-Coquart

In the heart of the vineyard

Our vineyard is exclusively located in Chouilly, a town with the Grand Cru classification of the Côte des Blancs. The main part of our vineyard (95%) is planted in Chardonnay, a variety of vine which is known for giving fine and complex wines. Pinot Noir makes up the rest of the production. A large part of plots (the average age is more than 30 years) allows us to produce very different grapes but top-quality grapes. Actually, young and old vines bring their best. We do everything in our power to ensure that each type of vine will be made into wine separately after the pressing. It allows us to sublimate their nature during the assembling.


The quality of these grapes so precious is the essential element of all cuvee. That is why we are devoted to get a perfect maturity thanks to demanding and durable farming methods (yields restrictions, growing grass between the rows, treatments limits, protection of the environment) and the optimum date for harvesting.

The House Vazart-Coquart

High environmental value certification

In 2012, the Champagne Vazart-Coquart was among the first wine estates in France to be certified “High Environmental Value Vineyard.” This certification was implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture, it allows to identify estates which are committed to respectful steps toward the environment. It proves you that we make our best for the biodiversity and the respect of the planet.

We are controled every 18 months to ensure these commitments.

High Environmental Value Certification (PDF)

The House Vazart-Coquart

The geese Vazart-Coquart

The goose is the power animal of the town of Chouilly, which was used to shelter several breedings. These birds regularly went to the “Tarnauds” - it is the local river - to drink, altering sometimes the traffic. By association, inhabitants became called “bilots” which means “geese” in the dialect of the region.


We find the goose as the symbol of the Champagne VAZART-COQUART on labelling and capsuling. On the labels, the 3 geese are an allusion to the past generations of winemakers. Jean-Pierre VAZART has been representing the 3rd generation.
The picking, always manual...

The collection

Discover our vintages

All the efforts we implement have just one aim: give birth to different champagnes of our range. They will treat you, they will seduce you, they will delight you. Discover them!

  • Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Cuvée Camille
    Cuvée Camille
  • Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Brut Rosé
    Brut Réserve
  • Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Demi-Sec
  • Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs
    Extra Brut
  • Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Grand Bouquet
    Grand Bouquet 2012
  • Spécial Club 2009
Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Cuvée Camille

Cuvée Camille

Grand Cru

The Cuvee Camille is a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. This is a white wine, vinified in the Champagne tradition.

Deep yellow in colour with golden and lightgreen highlights gives a rich and fresh visual sensation.

Aromas of biscuit, blueberry, almond paste, red apple, strawberry give a smooth effervescence which makes a fruity and soft product.

Its richness can be combined with fleshy iodated and tasty food.

It is a perfect match with oysters, salmon and basil rillettes, fresh salmon, cod filet, “aumônière” of ashy goat cheese and leeks, …

Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Brut Rosé


Grand Cru

Its pink salmon color is covered by very fine bubbles that feed a persistent collar.

Smells of peach, cherry amarena then raspberry and currant evolve towards a middle of mouth marked by red fruits which give a fresh and greedy final.

It will go wonderfully with your crumble of raw ham and fromage frais, smoked salmon verrines, half-cooked scallops and sweet chorizo, crab and bar casseroles, a bisque sauce, chili espelette whipped chaource, …

Brut Réserve

Blanc de Blancs - Grand Cru

The Cuvee Brut Reserve is made only from Chardonnay: this is a “Blanc de Blancs.

This is a blend of several years, whose 25% are from a perpetual reserve implemented by Jacques Vazart in 1982.

A pale yellow colour with lightgreen hints which go with fine and light bubbles, it gives a fresh and ethereal vision.

It delivers aromas of lemon, chalk, iodine, grapefruit and acacia give a fruity and delicate floral and mineral balance.

Its aperitif vocation harmonizes perfectly with oysters, grapefruit carpaccio, semi-cooked scallops, cod, with a saffron white butter sauce, with Brillat-Savarin (it is a French cheese), …

Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Demi-Sec


Blanc de Blancs - Grand Cru

This “Blanc de Blancs” is dedicated to the sweet dishes.

Deep yellow in colour with golden highlights. The bubbles are fine and give a rich and fresh sensation.

It delivers greedy flavours of marshmallows, candied lemon then you will find mint notes, grilled nut cream, peach, quince, infusion then roasting flavours, caramel, white chocolate, ginger biscuit, …

The overall is rich, greedy with a flavoured and fruity finish.

It will perfectly go with the traditionnal nougatine cake, coconut financier, pear charlotte, far breton (a traditionnal cake of Britain), upside-down apple tart, ginger biscuit tiramisu, apple pie, lemon meringue pie, peach melba, …

Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Extra Brut Blanc de Blancs

Extra Brut

Blanc de Blancs - Grand Cru

Its light color is lemon yellow with pale green-yellow reflections and very fine bubbles. It’s a fresh and light visual sensation

The first gourmet aromas are those of shortbread, candied lemon, hazelnut and sweet almond. Then there are smells of soft chalk, acacia, licorice, fresh mint and iodized spray very pure. The Extra-Brut shows a lemony acidic frame with grapefruit shade well orchestrated by the chalky and iodine minerality of great elegance. The finish is fresh, saline iodine and lemony.

It will go perfectly with Claire’s fine oysters, aperitif and prawns marinated in dill and lemon, Saint-Jacques tartar with lemon Yuzu and fleur de sel, salmon marinated with dill, lemon and green olive oil, pan-fried scallops with yellow grapefruit carpaccio with white pepper, but also fresh goat cheese with lemon and fennel seeds, …

Vazart-Coquart & Fils - Grand Bouquet

Grand Bouquet 2012

Blanc de Blancs - Grand Cru

Its pale yellow gold color with lemon-yellow highlights is animated by very fine bubbles that cut a fresh and nuanced sensation.

Its frangipane, acacia and pear aromas evolve towards notes of cashews, lemon, whipped cream, sweet almond and reveals iodized accents, brioche and yellow grapefruit zest.
The finish is fresh, toned and delicate.

It goes well with iodine dishes, such as shellfish, sea sauerkraut, salmon tartar, salmon and lentil fillets, bar fillet with a fine hazelnut and lemon zest half-cooked scallops and julienne of fennel, scallops and fresh tagliatelle, cream sauce with lemon and dill, turbot fillets with citrus and saffron sauce, an ashen goat, …

Spécial Club 2009

Blanc de Blancs - Grand Cru

The dress of the prestigious Cuvée Club is a pale yellow gold color with a strong pale yellow hue. Its necklace of very fine bubbles with persistent cord gives a rich and fresh visual sensation.
The first nose is greedy with aromas of brioche, hot butter, frangipane, hawthorn honey. Then the aeration discovers aromas of honeysuckle, blond tobacco, candied pear, nutmeg.
The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy and melting effervescence with velvety and velvety development. The gourmet set marks a fresh, salty and very mineral finish.
The Cuvée Club is a whole Champagne, fresh and greedy.
It will go wonderfully with parmesan cheese, Comté dices with curry, foie gras in terrine and onion confit, lobster and scallop casserole with a champagne sauce, bar fillets, butter sauce and fennel, cabbage guinea fowl, andouillette 5A, sole meunière, turbot with vanilla iodine sauce, a Saint-Nectaire farmer, a refined 18-month-old Comté, …

Under the delicate action of the press, the grapes don't break out: they open, release the clear juice and abandon the intact skins...

Quality & Commitment

Independant Winegrower

logo Vignerons IndependantsThe logo of Independant Winegrowers at the entrance of the house Vazart-Coquart, symbolizes the will of requirement, respect of the Charter of Independant Winegrowers.

Behind this logo, you will find a perfectionist man who follows the working process of his wines from the vine to the commercialization and the host of customers. Each step is supervised by the Independant Winegrower in the estate. It is a quality and commitment proof which links the winegrower and his customers.

Charter of Independant Winegrower and the website (in english)

Quality & Commitment

Club Trésors de Champagne

logo Club Trésors de ChampagneThe Club Trésors de Champagne symbolizes “the excellence of the wine area in its diversity.” Jean-Pierre Vazart integrated the club in 1996, he has always been seeking excellence. The specific excellence of this group composed of 28 winegrowers consists in making two compulsory tastings: clear wine before the bottling and after three years of bottle-aging. The bottle which is identifiable by its size of an old bottle of the Champagne region which is true to the tradition. The specificity of the House Vazart-Coquart is the complete aging under cork: it is the difference with classical cuvées where we put a cap for the aging until the disgorgement, the cuvée “Spécial Club” directly has a cork. It gives to this Cuvée Prestige fullness in mouth very specific which will seduce wine-lovers.

The website of Club Trésors de Champagne


Quality & Commitment

The “Mains du Terroir de Champagne”

Les Mains du Terroir

Yesterday “Terroirs & Talents”, today “Les mains du Terroir”: when talent joins authenticity, the Champagne becomes a truly “Grand Vin.” Find the richness of Champagne's Terroirs which is the result of the hands of producers who are willing to share their passion...

The website Mains du Terroir de Champagne
The winery, cradling of Champagne wine

Photo gallery

Photographies réalisées majoritairement par Jean-Pierre Vazart

Retrouvez une sélection de photos amateurs. Elles font écho à quelques moments forts de notre Maison.

In the cool and silent cellars, sheltered, the Champagne wine works its aromas, refines its texture and ages with confidence...

Vazart-Coquart & Fils Champagne
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